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11. Managing Remote Sales Teams

Ashwin Nandapurkar from Remo, shares his tips on working in a remote company and managing a remote sales team

10. Virtual Office Platform Demo – Walkabout Workplace

Earlier this week, we awarded Walkabout Workplace a RemoteWork360 Innovator Award for their sophisticated, intuitive and user-friendly virtual office solution – CEO Toni Portmann gave us a show-round.

9. Remote Work and Businss Risk Profiling

We talk to Michael Hoddy from TTG a Business Risk Consultancy, on what the risks are for businesses in terms of “hostile threats”, where they might come from and how this is changing as more employees work remotely

8. Remote Tech Stack: In the second edition of our remote tech stack series, we ask Brennan McEachran, CEO of Soapbox, what their remote tech stack looks like.  Soapbox is a fully remote company that provides an employee engagement tool which helps you streamline objectives, meetings and morale into one workflow – 

7. Home Working Tips; The Architect Perspective: Duncan Dalzel Job shares his top tips on setting up your home environment – thinking beyond the ergonomics to broader aspects including acoustics and the importance of your view

6. Remote Tech Stack:  We’re on a mission to find you the optimum tech stack for remote workers.  First up, Ben Travis from employee engagement firm, Bonusly, shares theirs.

5. Managing Culture is a key challenge for businesses whose workforce is currently remote or partially remote. Brett Putter, author of Own Your Culture shares his top tip for effective remote teams

4. Brett Putter, Founder of Culture Gene, and author of Culture Decks Decoded and Own Your Culture talks about his new book – hot off the press last week!  And the challenges of managing and maintaining culture in remote or partially remote businesses

3. Sherri Merbach from C-Suite Analytics shares her thoughts on how recruiters need to shift their sourcing strategies for remote.

2. Mike Vaughn is Head of Talent at Framatome. He is a remote worker in a non-remote company – what are the challenges in working remotely when your company doesn’t have a remote work culture?

1. Dick Finnegan, the leading retention expert from C-Suite Analytics joined us for the first of our expert interview series, we spoke to Dick Finnegan, expert author and Founder of C-Suite Analytics and The Retention Institute, to get his thoughts on how remote work is impacting recruitment and retention and how Supervisors and Managers need to upskill to manage remotely, effectively.

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