Collaborating effectively, remotely

Remote organizations need effective tools that help them collaborate and gather information on projects together in one place.

Enter: Ryver – a chat and task management tool with video and calls – that enables users to combine the benefits of zoom and trello, in one simple low-cost app.

What do you offer and how does it help, what problems do you solve?  

Ryver enables teams to collaborate remotely with Chat, Task Management, and Voice & Videos Calls ALL IN ONE APP and at a fraction of the cost of other tools in the marketplace like Slack, Tello, and Zoom. It’s just $49/mo for up to 12 users and $79/mo for unlimited users, which includes unlimited file sharing, unlimited storage, and more.

Give us a bit more detail and/or a specific example of a company using your solution and how it helps them

Dignity Health – the largest hospital provider in California – uses Ryver to collaborate effectively with large teams, eliminating the headache of email “reply all” threads.

Dignity Health’s first project using Ryver was led by Shez Partovi, MD, CM. According to Partovi, the project involved “over 200 staff across 5 states plus 100 external team members from 9 vendors and partners.” Partovi described Ryver as having “a profoundly positive impact on our ability to communicate and collaborate while eliminating email-jail… As the accountable executive, I would not have had as clear visibility into our activities without Ryver, nor would I have been able to support my team as effectively.”

Why do businesses working remotely, in particular, need this?

When working remotely, it is difficult to manage conversations, task management, and meetings efficiently – it usually entails many large email, text, and sometimes printed conversation threads to facilitate everything. Ryver helps teams streamline and organize their collaboration all in one app for a fraction of the high per user costs of other apps, saving teams time and money.

How is your solution different, what sets it apart?

Ryver provides Chat that is similar to Slack, Task Management that is similar to Trello, and Voice & Video Calls that is similar to Zoom – but all in one app, for a fraction of the price. Plans start at just $49/mo for up to 12 users and $79/mo for unlimited users.

Who are your customers? 

Ryver’s customers include small to medium sized businesses as well as enterprises. No matter the team’s size, companies love our highly affordable pricing that enables great efficiency and cost savings.

What do your customers particularly love about you?

Companies love our highly affordable pricing that empowers great collaboration at a great price.

What does it cost/what’s your pricing model?

Prices start at $9/month for upto 12 users – unlimited chat, file sharing, task management and voice and video calls.  See here for full details

What’s your prediction on the future of work?

Many teams are loving the efficiency of remote collaboration during the pandemic so much that they intend to continue afterwards as well. We look forward to continue serving them!


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