In plain, simple, understandable terms – what do you offer and how does it help, what problems do you solve? Short and
snappy please!

Goalscape comes from Olympic sport. It uses a unique rich visual format to represent the hierarchy of goals, priorities and progress in any project. Being able to SEE these key aspects of any project increases engagement: teams collaborate with purpose, and achieve more, faster, and with less stress.  Goalscape helps to define, manage and reach meaningful goals and share projects online to collaborate with purpose.

Give us a bit more detail and/or a specific example of a company using your solution and how it helps them

Roland (the electronic music company) uses Goalscape for its entire corporate strategy: high-level goals cascade down to define specific projects and plans in every business area and geographic location across Europe. The facility to do this visually and share projects online means Goalscape is the ideal tool.

Why do businesses working remotely, in particular, need this?
Goals motivate, and shared goals bond. Being able to see company and team goals (and how one’s work contributes to achieving them) enhances staff engagement, which is vital to maintain motivation and productivity when team members are working on their own, with no supervision.

How is your solution different, what sets it apart?
Goalscape is the only goal/project/information management software that has a rich, meaningful visual format. It uses a multi-level pie chart to represent project goals, priorities and progress.

Who are your customers? A few examples and/or if you particularly appeal to a target audience or company size?
Major multinationals like Volkswagen and TOTAL, corporates like Lockheed Martin, SMEs, consultants and coaches in every area from Business Leadership to Wellness and Wedding Planning. Oh and a few Olympic Gold Medallists in several different sports.

What do your customers particularly love about you?
They love the simplicity and clarity: Goalscape’s circular format reinforces the fact that resources (especially time) are limited; the size of the slice is a goal’s importance and the shading is progress. So simple that no training (or even user manual) is required.

What does it cost/what’s your pricing model?
Online web application: $6 per month or $66 per year per user (with a scale of discounts for block deals)
Enterprise SaaS solution: pricing based on User Licenses, Annual Server fees and Initial Setup fee. Starts
at $1,600 pa for 4 users.

What’s your prediction on the future of work?
Massive increase in home working, using effective technologies like Goalscape!


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