Remote Working Technology Stacks

We spoke to Dimitris Athanasiadis, at Megaventory, an online inventory management system, on the tools his team depends on to manage their businss effectively

Trello is really good for assigning tasks to employees, keeping track of deadlines and primarily ensuring nothing is ever forgotten – even if often things are pushed too back into the long grass. It’s good for categorizing tasks and splitting them across boards while it also gives you some insights into the best practices involved with Agile Development.   It’s become particularly powerful since our teams have been working remotely, since it operates as a central to-do list which helps maintain visibility on what everyone is doing and keep track of progress.

Fresdesk is very helpful in that it includes a full-blown ticketing system complete with Knowledge Base so it offers a full support suite for our subscribers. Localization capability is a significant asset too as well as integration of phone support – although we haven’t reached that far to use them yet.

Inlinemanual is a very easy to use step-by-step guide provider which is really handy for our software-only product. It allows us to onboard our trial users very efficiently while at the same time remaining quite unobtrusive. Cool features include capability for localization, a versioning system as well as support for test and production environments.

This is a really handy app which allows me to share a link with clients and partners so that they can book a slot for a chat session over the phone or Skype. It’s simple but effective and has some useful features such as requiring the other party to enter their contact details which reduces no-shows.

Dimitris Athanasiadis is the General Manager at Megaventory, an online inventory management system that can help small businesses synchronize stock and manage purchases and sales over multiple stores

What’s your technology stack, for managing teams remotely?

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